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Organizing events together
Organizing events together

Confetty? What's that?

Confetty, c'est un formidable outil pour organiser tous vos événements : soirées, repas, vacances, etc., entre amis, collègues, ou encore en famille.

Invitez les personnes par courriel, puis faites-les participer, sous forme de vote, à l'élaboration de l'événement parfait.

Polls to chose together

Who brings what?

Essential point to get organized, to avoid ending up with too little or too much, and to have a global overview of what guests will bring.

Restaurant's choice

To chose a restaurant together, and book in one click!

Date's choice

The usuall and necessary date poll, to find together the best time to gather.

... and many tools to go further...


To chat and sort out together the last details.

To-do list

For each event on Confetty, you will find a personal to-do list for you to fill in. This way you won't forget anything on the D-day.

Contraintes alimentaires

Que ce soit des aliments que vous n'aimez pas, un régime que vous suivez, ou tout simplement pour des raisons personnelles, cette option vous permet d'éviter les mauvaises surprises à vous, et à l'organisateur(trice).

Represent other people

On Confetty, you can show that you represent other people, like your son, your husband, ...
This allows you to vote several times in a poll to represent their voice.

Car share

Organize car share eaily among the guests of an event with Confetty.
Inexpensive, and friendly!

Photo gallery

The perfect place to gather pictures and memories of your event.
One gallery for each event, where everyone's pictures are mixed together and displayed chronologically.

... and much more:

Participation's calculation

1. Expenses management

Organizer and guests can write in their expenses for the event, and Confetty does the maths!

2. Determine everyone's share

Define each person's share and nights (or quantity) to allow Confetty to calculate the fairest amount of particpation for everyone.

You can define shares even more finely for each expense and each guest for particular cases.

3. Payment management

Finally, write in the payments you have received. Confetty saves them and shows who paid their share and who still needs to.
Very soon, guests will have the possibility to pay directly on Confetty.

Simple, and free

Confetty is free, and ad-free, and with no complicated subscription. Only your email will be asked for you to manage your account.

We do not use your data, nor do we sell them.

Confetty is secure: the data and pictures saved in a event in Confetty can be seen ONLY by the event's guests.
There is no exception.

So don't hesitate:

Make it happen